Sept. 1 – Jon Duff


Jon Duff, Untitled, 2013, Mixed Media, Size Unknown


Jon Duff, Untitled, 2013, Mixed Media, Size Unknown

Jon Duff
Artist Statement 2013
I continually grapple with the dilemma of trying to depict and create disorder while having a
deeply rooted natural drive towards order. Through abstraction I am able to highlight this
duality and explore its relation to my current condition as a 21st century ape.
I begin each piece with a structural framework. I allow each piece to either comfortably stay
within the frame or naturally transcend it. The theme of an individual work comes out of a
dialog with the decisions I make, often having humorous results. I title all of my works about
half way through their completion.
Some of my inspiration comes from the product catalogs of home décor and furniture
companies. In the same way that product catalogs offer temporary realities through
arrangements of disposable objects, I freely combine objects creating new realities. The
scenes I create, however, expose complexity and disorder seeping into the presumably stable
and controllable domestic environment. While I do feel that the organized scenes in these
catalogs are begging to be soiled, I do not intend to make any specific arguments. I am
making experiences. I am using the abilities I have as a crazy ape in a disordered universe to
act out and make discoveries.


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