Sept. 1 – Cristi Rinklin


Cristi Rinklin, Arcadia, 2009, oil on dibond, 48″ x 36″


Fierce Descent, Flashe on Duralar, 2009, 17″ x 14″

The ability to artificially create a heightened sense of reality has become so advanced that it permeates every aspect of our contemporary visual experience. From cinema, to gaming, to virtual reality, sophisticated imaging systems have created “seamless worlds” that viewers can psychically inhabit. Powerful viewing apparatuses such as deep-space telescopes, satellite photography, and electron microscopes, have given us visual access to worlds that extend far beyond our corporeal senses. When our ability to imagine visual knowledge beyond what we see with our own eyes becomes augmented by this technology, our imaginary vision for what is dramatic, awesome, and sublime becomes re-calibrated. My work is a response to this condition. She has staged solo exhibitions at Steven Zevitas Gallery in Boston, Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Rhys Gallery in Boston, FP3 Gallery in Boston, Jancar Gallery in Los Angeles, Green Street Gallery in Boston, Louisiana State University and Harris Gallery in Houston. – by Boston-Como Online and Fabrizio Bellanca.


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