Mirror Mirror – For One of Us

For the clip with sound


Movie is also on Netflix at the moment.

This was a different version/retelling of Snow White. I posted the opening scene because I really like the way they transition from scene to scene and how some of the elements were doll/very 3d like while others held their shapes of found/paper like objects. The one scene where they show the trees is one of my favorites, the way the trees look very paper look vs. the girl doll and the horse.

I surprisingly like this movie’s version of Snow White.

Mirror Mirror

dir: Tarsem Singh / Ben Hibon

For One of Us

VFX super: Dominic Parker
CG super: Stephen Murphy
Technical animation lead: James Healy
Lead animator: Michael Mellor
Pipeline super: Sam Swift Glasman
Texture artist: Richard Hopkins
CG artists: Samuel Walsh, Frank Engen
Texture artist: Zsolt Balogh
Lead modeler: Wayne Kresil
Animators: Han-Ter Park, Jamie McCarter
Lead compositor: Lewis Saunders
Compositors: Andrew Hodgen, Pat Wong
Animator: Jonathan Topf
Concept artist/storyboards: Alexis Liddel
DOP/color grading: Tom Debenham
VFX producer: Emma Ibbetson
VFX PA: Laura Lynch
Pre-vis artist: Laurie Hill, Maya Glick, Guilherme Chagas
Modeler: Angela Cole
Technical assistant: Ian MacKinnon
Researcher: Loredana Ena
I/O operator: Tomas Tombakas


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